Visit Scrutopia 2021 - New Year Update

School visits and outdoor learning can have a lasting impact on children and we want to be able to offer this opportunity at Sundey Hill Farm. This year we hope to offer visits that will help children connect with food, farming and the countryside by providing hands on activities to aid children’s learning about where their food comes from alongside numerous other benefits. We have been taking inspiration from the organisation LEAF. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you would like to visit!

We are also working on our 2021 Summer School programmes, for more details on this please visit

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An echo of Crete … in Wiltshire.

This magnificent Cretan Windmill has been built at Sundey Hill Farm.

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Please enjoy a birdseye view tour of Scrutopia!

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Writing about country life has been a national pastime since the 18th century, and there is no sign that the reading public has lost interest in it.

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Teaching and lecturing

In 1999 we established the Town and Country Forum, with the intention of bringing influential people together in order to discuss the future of the countryside.

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The Orchard Meeting Room

The Orchard Meeting Room - Modern Studio Space available for Meetings and Training at Sundey Hill Farm.

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Under this heading we must include all those activities that take off from farming and which help to make it profitable.

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wildlife and conservation

We have been for many years integrated into the Countryside Stewardship scheme, and have worked closely with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in order to bring back the wildlife to our fields.

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The Rural Future

We hope to develop HFE as a model farm that will show how the rural economy can thrive without breaking the ties to agriculture or to the traditional forms of country life.

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