As is well known, it is hard to turn grass into money, and quite a few detours are required along the way.

We at Horsell’s Farm Enterprises, work with our neighbours to ensure that our 100 acres of Wiltshire countryside is managed efficiently by grazing. During the summer months, beef cattle graze Plough Piece and Cuckoos whilst the next door dairy cows graze Dollackers Top, and Ed's fields. We make hay and silage, including hay from our wildflower field which is suitable for those who are raising animals according to the Soil Association’s criteria for organic farming. We keep horses for hire, and are situated at the heart of the Vale of White Horse hunt’s Wednesday country, which provides an exciting day of trail hunting in country that our horses know well and can negotiate without trouble. Our local food business is at the heart of our farming enterprise.

Farming and Assosiated Services at Sunday Hill Farm:

  • Our wonderful haylage from our bumper crop of grass is available to buy at £30 a bale. Large round bales of wildflower rich hay from our stewardship field can be purchased too at £20 per bale. Buyer to collect.
  • Horsells Barn, a large agricultural building that would suit a variety of uses. We are able to provide storage facilities, or workshop space. We have 2 units that are equipped with electricity and water. We are able to offer a flexible package at a very reasonable cost. For further enquires, do not hesistate to get in touch
  • Equestrian livery - We are able to offer short term, flexible livery packages here at Sunday Hill Farm. Large boxes, all year turnout and transport if required. 
  • If you are interested in visiting Sunday Hill Farm, we are able to offer guided farm tours and countryside restoration talks. 
    If you have any questions or queries on any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.


Sundey Hill Farm
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