News from Somewhere

News from Somewhere tells the story of a philosopher's (Roger's) attempt to settle in rural Wiltshire. In a style that is both deeply felt and full or humour, Roger describes the people and animals on his farm, the condition of rural society, the impact of recent disasters, the eccentric pursutis and hard-won consolations of the English yeoman farmer, and the joy and vitality that constantly break through the clouds of grief. 

This book draws on Rogers much praised account of rural life in the nation press, and presents a challenge to those who claim to solve the problems faced by farmers by dictating to them from city offices. It explores the changing face of rural England with sympathy for its residents, respect for their way of life, and subdued anger at the crazy impediments places in their way by Westminster and Brussels. Its evocative prose is a testimony to the lasting significance of the English countryside and of the culture that has been inscribed in it. Everyone who is concerned for our rural heritage will learn from this vivid description of the people on whom it depends. 

"From time to time, in this world of mechanism and super-human power, we re-discover the other power that preceded the machine and which will also outlast it - the power that flows through the landscape, and also through us."

News from Somewhere can be purchased from Amazon. If you are interested in visiting and seeing the landscape, people and animals at Sundey Hill Farm, please do get in touch. 


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