Teaching & Lecturing

Roger is called upon to lecture at many places around the world, and spends two months of each year at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington DC, where he is active in teaching young people from across the United States.

You can visit his website for full details of his appearances thorough the year. He is often invited to give lectures to universities and colleges and also features on the radio or television.

 In conjunction with Buckingham University Roger is running a Masters degree in Philosophy. The course will be held in London and will include many great philosophers’ of today. If you are interested in applying for the course, please do visit the Buckingham website or contact Humanities Admissions on  01280 820204.

In the future, Roger and Sophie would like to continue to work with the friends made during the, Town and Country Forum* Project on an educational venture, and are currently discussing with two universities in America the possibility of running a summer school for their students in environmental management, so as to give them the opportunity to understand the special problems posed by a rural landscape that has been settled for over a thousand years, and which is maintained by small and bounded farms, rather than by agribusiness.

* In 1999 we established the Town and Country Forum, with the intention of bringing influential people together in order to discuss the future of the countryside and the ways of reconnecting it to the life of our cities. Our investigations issued in a book, Town and Country, edited by RS and Anthony Barnett. 



Thinking the Sacred with Roger Scruton. McGill University
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Gifford Lectures
- Listen to Roger Scruton's full lecture


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