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Horsell’s Farm Enterprises was established in 1999 by us, Sophie and Roger Scruton. We were keen to play our part in reviving the rural economy. We had acquired a run-down sheep-farm, and a few unprofitable animals, and were acutely aware of the need to bring urban income into the rural landscape if our countryside is to survive. Horsell’s Farm Enterprises was designed to supply this need. The small farms round about us were struggling in the business of turning grass into meat and milk. The solution, we saw, was to turn grass into ideas, which could be sold down the internet into the urban market, so bringing profit to the farm.

Latest News - Green Philosophy Day

We are delighted to be able to share Green Philosophy Programme which took place on Sunday 6th September at Sundey Hill Farm.  We were joined by experts including Ian Christie, George Monck and Tim Bonner and Frances Ward. 

COVID 19 Update 

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on all of our lives and we find ourselves in a situation that none of us could ever have imagined. We’re continuing to do all we can to navigate this challenging time and to stay postive by planning ahead. Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Scrutopia Summer School due to take place at the end of July here in The Cotswolds. However we are still planning to go ahead with Apple Festival in conjunction with the postponed Open Farm Sunday in the early Autumn. Please watch this space for updates. 


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